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A vacation, sort of, if driving up north counts

We went up north, Charlevoix. Time to set up house for parents in the summer, move things they can no longer move, shop for things so they do not have to and get away for a short memorial day weekend. The weather is nice, and my god we walked in to a store and ate out, sort of. This is being written a week later, but shortly before memorial day weekend the governor said that certain things in northern Michigan can open up, restaurants and not just for carry out and stores, I mean the mall at home is still closed, and I am not even sure I would go. It is weird going into a store, masks of course, except for the people who won't wear them, and get into fights with the poor owners,I mean put the damn thing on even if you think it is stupid and the paragon of virtue and intellect Ted Nugent and Donald Trump(sr and jr) say it's not needed, why hassle the poor store keeper, making 12 dollars an hour, jesus.

It is nice to be away, walk around, see people. But god it's weird.......just so nice to be somewhere not home. I played golf, the course sucked but it was nice again to be out. The fried fish was good, the pasta from terrys was really good, then we went home, But the change of location and pace was I think sublime. The people getting ice cream wearing the trunk shirts and not being very nice was a little off putting but hey we were getting ice cream...

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