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and the daughter starts her summer

So Mari left, I am not really sure she has a job, or if she even knows she has a job. I know she has a apace to live because I wrote a check for it, so that means it must be real. Frankly, she really doesn't have a job, but she has friends, and a city she likes, a place to flee to now her dads. It has been good having her for the last two months, and who knows she may be back soon, but she gets to do something. She is excited, nervous, scared and excited(yeah twice I know). What I am jealous of is she has the perception of a future this summer, I mean school may of may not happen in the fall who the hell knows. She gets to now go be with friends, hang out, and be herself now under my liberal yet stern guidance.

and the best part her mom drove her and the mattress.....we will see what happens.

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