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I'm not feeling "catchy" much these days......

No one will know what that means unless they do one of these. When you log on it tells you to add a catchy title to your post so it will apparently grab peoples' attention. But what if I am writing about sometime that doesn't lend it self to be catchy? I mean, something like: "Time to dance, my neighbor died!" I mean that's catchy I guess, but I am not really sure if that is what they mean by using a catchy title. Although frankly it would serve the purpose of getting people to read this. Which it seems people are, I keep getting this little pop ups that I have another subscriber. Maybe they are all russian bots taking my bank accounts, but I hope not, that I would think make me sad; or at a minimum really confused.

What I really think about today as we watch the world imploding just a little bit at a time, is how much people differ in how they view what is happening. I had an interesting talk with a friend yesterday who just had a viewpoint, on many things frankly, but for this, he just felt that there isn't a lot more that can be done, China really is the most culpable villain in all this, and really, would the other party(it's always politics) really have done any better? First, I think yes, but that's a whole different discussion for a whole different day. What I thought was most interesting is how he view news and events, and how we take from news and whatever source we get it from and shape it to what we want it to be. Yes of course China is responsible, I mean who else? And of course they did it on purpose, I mean come on. Take responsibility for not handling it well? No, why would anyone do that when we didn't start it? Or the other side, yeah it came from there, and these things happen, but what do we do about it now? Move on from blame and move towards resolution rather than get bogged down in blame (There is probably a life lesson in there someone but whatever, I'm not that smart)

The other thing I found fascinating in that same vein is how we just accept things that so often make just no sense at all. Someone is a pedophile, someone else stole money, someone else is senile, the pandemic is over. I guess I could go one but you will get the point, we accept the reality that suits our purposes. As some of us sit and wonder what winter will bring, can we have a shabbat dinner, can we go out, can we do anything that involves other people, others will accept their reality that they can do anything. Evidence is in the mind of the beholder, maybe I will get sick, but I will beat it, the disease only kills old people and the sick, so why should I change my life? In some sense I almost wish I could feel that way, to just not care about consequences of my actions and to act in the face of what at least I see as established and definitive facts. Why not just go out to eat, screw it.

But it is not that easy and it just looks to so many of us that no matter what happens, we are going to have to deal with an objective reality of a changed world for awhile. Which just makes everyone tired. One of the things that President Obama said in one of his most recent speeches, is how nice it would be to wake up and not be just tired of it all. I am paraphrasing a little but the concept is clear. How nice it would be to wake up an not dread what was in the news, whether we roll our eyes or accept it as fact, just to not be tired or just not to be tired of the reality around us, even if we deny it to a certain extent.

So let's hope at some point in the future what will make us tired is what we did, the time spent doing those things, the time spent with people we care about, and not worrying did I forget my mask, do I care about wearing one, who do I know that is sick or my god four MORE years. (sorry)

oh, Happy Halloween.

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