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Spring has spring but it doesn't feel like it

May of 2020- I think

There have been some days lately that feel like it should be spring, and some that also make it feel like it is still winter. Walk outside, walk dog, walk yourself, kind of the same thing most days. My daughter, who was referenced quite a bit a few weeks ago, remains at home, getting ready for finals, occasionally delivering delicious food to strangers in a car that says "don't tip me" and fretting over whether she will be truly moving to Chicago this summer; which is a whole new issue.

I can't keep track of the days still, or more relevant I am not sur what day it is. Sunday still seems like tuesday, which seems like friday which seems like a month from now. I am learning that when you really don't do anything it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is. Not like we have plans for Saturday night. Well, I do. Eat and go to bed, kind of underwhelming. It's getting old, it has now been just under 6 weeks since the state and I guess the country was shut down, I mean we can still get carry out but if the malls ar into open then society I think essentially does not exist. It is in some ways like does a bear shit in the woods? I guess if I look outside the world continues, but if I do not lookout isn't

What is the hardest now is the planning for the future. I know people are sick and dying, I have had a few friends get it and survive with just some misery, but what is going to be happening? My parents are home thanks to a very expensive and well worth it private plane from Naples, but there is nothing here for them. My dad can longer work, my mom can't get her hair done, see her friends or go to her haunts. I just hope without sounding harsh that they go up north soon just so they have something.

Things are just frustrating, Elton John didn't happen, neither did at least three trips to Boston, my annual drive back form florida seemed like a date since I was not actually in Floirda. Like so many others I am stir crazy, but I don't think to matters. The plus side is, you do get to know people and who you really can and cannot spend time with(I don't mean the abundance f of cats in my house). It's nice not getting bored with some people.

So we wait I guess, and see what is next.

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