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Summer sort of, maybe

well, at least it warm. The state and most of the country is still out down save for the really smart states where they are telling everyone to go out and have a good time. I am kind of thinking that is just not going to end well....One thing especially nice is that the sun is out, the weather has broken, save for snow ten days ago, and it is just so nice to be able to take a walk without a hat and gloves. Mari is struggling in Chicago, the job hasn't happened, I am I think funding a vacation but I do not think she feels that way at all, I think she is actually sad and depressed and likely to come home soon. I am trying to be a good dad and let her feel her own way, but it is not really working, I know she needs to come home, she is not having fun, the place is not what it was last year, the civil unrest is far away but omnipresent, riots just a few miles away, making her mom and I and her grand parents a little nuts and I don't need to be funding a summer place for her either.

It really all does kind of suck.

Two weeks later...she came home, took the train to kalamazoo, met for dinner, we drove home. Was almost funny, it just became so clear the Chicago was well intentioned but just could not happen, than I guess the place she was going to work, burned down. Oh well, summer in Birmingham.

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