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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Ok, so that's not that original but we are, or at least we seem to be approaching that. It's now an endless news cycle, there is nothing else happening in the world, what a great time to rob a bank. The president, god bess his idiotic soul, keeps telling us, as he has since January, that all is well. It is almost like that scene in Animal House where Kevin Bacon stands in the parade screaming "all is well" as the hoards trample over him. I know I have some bias, The President is not my cup of tea, I actually find him to be obtuse and offensive, but he is the President. But it is becoming clearer by the day that he was and is both lying and ignorant. Everyone can see this is coming and coming in a really bad way. He is claiming that after 5 or ten cases it will go away, that we are all ready for this. In the meantime, Italy and Spain are being crushed, in Michigan we are just waiting as more cases show up every day. Five, ten, fifty, a hundred. It's clear this is happening and we are perfectly unprepared.

So what do we do? Hoard toilet paper. Like a lot of it. I can't for the life of me figure out why but I like to follow not lead, so here I am at @target a 8:05 am, grabbing what I can with bunch of other glassy eyed shoppers, all buying without really knowing why. I've been grocery shopping like every day, I have never had so much food in the house, helps to have a kid who cooks, but me buying vegetables is just amusing.

What else I am noticing is it's getting harder and harder to deal with this. The constant bombardment of news, not knowing what is right or wrong, the total uncertainty of living with something we have never seen before. This doesn't happen here. How can our economy collapse and people start dying with no care in America. How can we not be testing people, or staying ahead of this? How does the stock market drop 30 percent, then go up 20, then go back down.

I went to the mall again, last time I am pretty sure, it's total empty. Like scary empty. Like I can count twenty people on what would usually be a busy day. Stores are closed or closing, how the hell do they close stores? And I guess what the hell am I doing at the mall as I am asked by more people that I would care to admit. I guess I was bored. I had reservations at a restaurant I had been dying to go to in Detroit, She-Wolf. Friday night, 7:00 pm. Was going to be perfect, tasty, romantic. But no, two days before the governor told us that restaurants, health clubs, coffee shops(where I live and breathe sometimes) all done. Shut down. Get carry out, we can allow that, but otherwise society is shutting down.

And anxiety is not shutting down. I admit to being just this side of terrified, I may not be able to say why but I know that I am.

my cats, oblivious to the horrors
we all need a kitty picture

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